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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Saturday 3rd July saw Monk Sherborne Village Hall play host to the Hog Roast and Rum Shack fundraiser for our challenge. We had a busy day ahead of us; up at 7am, hog arriving at 8am and then the tents started to go up at 10am. The sun shone all day and by the time 5pm came around, we were almost ready to go!

The rum shack was a great hit and served the most fantastic rum punches, which proved to be very popular – Pete’s special mixture of spiced rum, fruit and authentic Clayton’s Kola and ginger beer from the Caribbean went down very well!

The event was very well attended and with nearly 80 tickets sold, there were plenty of folk to enjoy the family atmosphere. At 6.30pm there was a limbo competition for the children which was fun to watch and shortly following that, an egg and spoon race, which came to a premature end after the first heat ate their eggs! And people say it’s hard to get children to eat properly these days!

It was a lovely evening and Justine and I would like to thank all those who came along and supported us, including Richard Berends who organised the sound system. We raised a fantastic £1000 towards our £10k target, but most of all, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time, although I suspect there were a few sore heads on Sunday morning.

A special thank you must go to Hughie at Wyatts Butchers in Wolverton Park. Without his very generous donation of equipment and help with the hog our day would not have been so successful. Also deserving of a special mention is Pete who ran our rum shack for us and very generously donated the alcohol.

The hard part was getting up very early to get back to the field and take down all the tents!! I would have loved to have more photos to share with you, but unfortunately, we were far too busy filling rolls with pork!

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